True Asian food at a good price

At Mosquito Grup we are specialized in Asian gastronomy: flavours our approach to Asian cooking is methodical and quality obsessive.

And of course, it’s not all about dumplings!

Presently we have the following establishments in Barcelona:

Come and visit our great new location in Viladecans!

True Japanese ramen

Genuine Asian food restaurant

Traditional dumplings, dim sum, and tapas – the original Mosquito

The best of Asian Street Food in La Citi - Westfield La Maquinista

Asian cooking courses and workshops and kitchen space rental

We make home-made products from quality ingredients in our search to bring authentic Asian food at a reasonable price, We’re constantly looking for quality and flavor through country or regional specialities.

We are not refined

We use local organic flour for our dumplings and noodles.
Comida Asiática | Dumplins

Craft Beer

Beverages are as important to us as our food. We always count on craft beer from small usually local producers.
Comida Asiática | Cerveza Artesana | MOSQUITO GRUP

Hand made

We buy and cook like at home. Our mochis and soups are hand made following traditional recipes.
Comida Asiática | Comida Casera | MOSQUITO GRUP